PAYING CASH The Johnny Cash Show

Together they have been able to master the unique original sound of this great Legend.

The lead singer and rhythm guitarist (Jason Turcotte) captures the lead vocals of this rockabilly rebel and has been able to make his audiences feel taken back in time to 1968 live at Folsom Prison.  Even though the lead singer does not try to look or impersonate Johnny Cash his natural presence stands alike with the fire in his eyes while he sings some of Johnny Cash's greatest hits such as Cocaine Blues, My name is Sue and One piece at a time.

The band and himself keep the dress code alike all in black with an attitude. PAYING CASH The Johnny Cash Show is the closest real authentic sound to the man in black today.  Audiences from all over Canada can't get enough of this show.

This band has also walked the line by being the first and only band in Canada to perform behind the walls of a Canadian prison following in the footsteps of Johnny Cash.